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"heraklion": sos diving 05.07.0062
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Author: Panagiotis Belonis - Source Beloni
Publisher: Kedros
ISBN: 9789600451580
Number of Pages: 368
Cover: Soft cover
Dimensions: 14 x 20.6
Writing Language: Greek
Date of 1st Issue: 2021

As the ship tilts more and more, the last doors and windows of the living room break, and the sea enters with great momentum. She drags with great intensity in her passage what she encounters. Not only seats and furniture, but also people! People who fight with as much courage as they have. Some of them have enough power, but they can not put up with Hell itself.

I see some people trying to get off the floor, others catching something steady and trying to climb to the exit of this well, but again they slip and fall into the water again. They are struck with the various furniture that has been swept away by the force of the water, they are injured and in the end it is impossible for them to climb so high and escape. The inclination of the ship and the strength of the torrents that have been created turn them back and they are lost one by one, leaving only cries of despair and terror.

An unequal battle with the beasts of Hell. And in the end, when the bodies sink, those hands, my Christ, those raised hands that ask for help, with open palms, fingers outstretched, bony, looking for somewhere to be caught, even in this stern hour, and finally lost forever in the deadly waters.

The shocking testimony of the last survivor of the ship "Heraklion" in Falconera, framed by the subsequent search of his daughter.
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"heraklion": sos diving 05.07.0062