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Welcome to the online bookstore Deka Me Tono!
We are close to you with our physical store with a smile and passion since 2015. The operation of our stores is oriented towards quality, excellent service and reasonable and fair prices. Respect for our customer and partner, society and the environment is taken for granted. The visitors of our stores are above all friends. We envision to offer excellent and honest service every day through personalized solutions to our customers, maintaining a wide range of products in our stores. We strive daily for the best with passion, enthusiasm and ambition. With team spirit and creative mood we achieve the high goals we set every day. We are constantly looking for new ideas and ways to evolve. With constant information, we encourage everything new that has value. We respect the expectations and aspirations of our customers, partners and suppliers, with honesty, consistency and responsibility. We personalize the needs of the consumer and aim at his immediate service, with guaranteed quality products at competitive prices. We aim at the daily improvement of the services we provide to the consumer, the constant information about new products, the development and enrichment of our range, the immediate availability in a satisfactory quantity in all our items, the expansion of the distribution and the immediate and effective service our customers.