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Brand: LYRA
LYRA TRIANGLE PENCIL GROOVE SLIM 1763480Ergonomic wood paint. Diameter: 7 mm. Length: 18 cm. Medium pencil hardness, ideal for writing and drawing. The body has a triangular cross section, without the addition of synthetic substances. Easy handle. Bigger than a standard pencil. Durable, long-lasting..
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Brand: LYRA
LYRA pencil in 6 different fluo colors that perfectly match the eraser. Medium hardness HB2 nose. With these pencils you will sharpen your imagination. With a matching eraser, the Neon series is easy to scratch and ideal for painting or writing. Diameter 7.3mm and length 19 cm. The choice of color ..
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Brand: LYRA
LYRA GROOVE PENCIL THICK 1870101Ergonomic, triangular shape with a diameter of 10 mm.- Natural handle without additional artificial materials.- Extremely resistant to breakage, strong pencil (4.25 mm).- For left-handed and right-handed..
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