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high school physics - electromagnetism (positive studies orientation) 05.05.0410
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High School Physics Electromagnetism
Author: Panagiotakopoulos, George
ISBN: 978-618-06-0051-3
Number of Pages: 942

Detailed description The purpose of this book is to prepare the student in the best possible way, by presenting in detail all the teaching material of the electromagnetism chapter of the 3rd High School Physics.
It contains detailed theory, closed and open type questions, solved exercises-problems, as well as exercises and problems to be solved.

The theory is presented using the question-answer method. Where necessary, we have provided some additional information, which helps to clarify finer points of the theory. At the end of the theory of each chapter there are review questions.
The questions are structured according to type of questions (closed type ? topic 1 of the Panhellenic Exams and open type ? topic 2 of the Panhellenic Exams). In particular, the closed-type questions are divided into group A' questions (based on textbook theory) and group B' questions (more in-depth questions).
In the solved exercises-problems of each chapter, the methodology is integrated in key points, which the student often finds in front of him during the solution of the exercises and problems. Detailed guidance on what the student should not forget after studying the solved example is also included, as well as highlighting which exercises to solve are similar for practice.
The problem-solving exercises contain basic concepts that the student must solidify before moving on to the problem-solving problems, which require more complex thinking.
In each section (before the closed-type questions) there is a detailed study proposal on two levels. The 1st level refers to basic study, while the 2nd level refers to advanced study.

For all questions, exercises and problems to be solved there are detailed solutions at the end of the book.
According to the Official Gazette -3731 issued on July 14, 2022, it is stipulated that for the school year 2022-2023 the questions - exercises will not be taught from the chapters on electromagnetism and electromagnetic induction? problems listed in the following sections:
1st chapter (electromagnetism):
Straight duct of finite length (textbook equation 4.2).
Motion of a charged particle in an inhomogeneous magnetic field.
2nd chapter (electromagnetic induction):
Gauss's Law.
Calculation of heat and load until obtaining the hyor.
Inclined plane External electrical source (special issues).
The electric motor.
Effect of mutual induction.
All these topics are explicitly mentioned and distinguished in the study suggestions of this book, so for the best service of the reader, we recommend that the instructions written in the study suggestions be faithfully followed!
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high school physics - electromagnetism (positive studies orientation) 05.05.0410