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We were born slaves and fight all our lives to become free.

In the mid-1940s, immediately after Zorbas, Kazantzakis wrote Aniforos, an internal text, characterized by deep and liberating melancholy.

His action takes place immediately after the war, in Crete and England.
Kosmas, after an absence of twenty years and his active participation in the war, returns to his hometown, Megalo Kastro, together with his Jewish wife, Noemi, who carries the universal memory of the Holocaust, and with her the question of the value of life.

Only a few days have passed since his father's death and Crete is counting her wounds by reliving personal stories of courage and pain.

The man who comes out of World War II is a man who cannot think, a man who has not been saved, who is in danger, and Cosmas goes to post-war England to save him.
The personal cost of his choice is enormous.
But this is the debt, this is the burden we all have to live with.

Aniforos, the anecdotal novel by Nikos Kazantzakis, is a classic work that poses questions that constantly haunt man, it is not only a great literary moment for our country but also a cultural event.

"I don't care about death," they reasoned, "I care about decay, it degrades man. She I must defeat…” The state of his childhood and youth had grown old, it too was crumbling, beginning to become perched and scattered to the wind. Another state could be built on top of it, but it wouldn't be his, the streets would once again be filled with young people, but it wouldn't be his youth... "Dear Castle", he murmured, looking at it tenderly, "we have grown old..."
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the climb 05.00.0373